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Concurrency level (async.mapLimit)

In the previous example we ran the same async task on multiple items in series. Each task waited for the previous task to complete, then downloaded an item then extracted its name.

Sometimes we might want to run a limited number of tasks in parallel. In that case we need to use something else.


With callbacks we need yet another utility function - async.mapLimit

async.mapLimit(ids, 3, function(id, callback) {
    getFromStorage(id, function (err, res) {
        if (err) return callback(err);
}, function(err, results) {
    // results is an array of names


With promises we finally need a new helper function - Promise.some which is provided to us by bluebird

var queued = [], parallel = 3;
var namePromises = {
    // How many items must download before fetching the next?
    // The queued, minus those running in parallel, plus one of 
    // the parallel slots.
    var mustComplete = Math.max(0, queued.length - parallel + 1);
    // when enough items are complete, queue another request for an item    
    var download = Promise.some(queued, mustComplete)
        .then(function() { return getItem(id); });
    return download.then(function(item) {
        // after that new download completes, get the item's name.    

Promise.all(namePromises).then(function(names) {
    // use all names here.

Even though the code is a bit longer, its quite clear: When enough of the queued items are complete, queue another download, wait for it to complete then extract the item's name.