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Wrapping callback functions

So far we have assumed that node-style callback-based functions have already been wrapped for us. How can we do the wrapping ourselves?

In bluebird, we can use this construct to do it manually:

var Promise = require('bluebird');

function readFilePromise() {
    return new Promise(function(fulfill, reject) {
        fs.readFile(path, function(error, content) {
            if (error) reject(error)
            else fulfill(content);

Or we could rely on bluebird's efficient promisify function

var readFilePromise = Promise.promisify(fs.readFile, fs);

If we want to promisify all functions in a given object we can use Promise.promisifyAll()


This will generate functions with the Async suffix and add them to the object, e.g. fs.readFileAsync()